Sunday, June 27, 2010

13th week

Monday: last day of working in SapuraCrest, hand over every documents and assigned paper work to each engineers. Go to HR for completion letter

12th week

Monday: filing for final documentation and office work

Tuesday: Design a new level of office and lecturer's visit

Wednesday: Discussion on a new project

Thursday: Draw new level office in AutoCAD

Friday: prepare for final documentation for a project, finalize report.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

11th week

Monday: another filing job for bidding and office work

Tuesday: same job given as on monday

Wednesday: Send project proposal to client and learn on how subsea production

Thursday: Discussion on calculation for water treatment plant

Friday: Went to M&E exhibition and finish up the report

Sunday, June 13, 2010

10th week

Monday: learn on how to install Christmas tree on well, well cementing and installation of well head and blow out preventer (BOP)

Tuesday: drawing editing and BOM for 5 components

Wednesday: completed the BOM task, briefing on current project and projects updates. New project bidding meeting

Thursday: went to Subsea conference and exhibition

Friday: draw P&ID for another project

Sunday, June 6, 2010

9th week

Monday: Meeting with my manager, being asked about the progress of working here and what i have learnt throughout my industrial training.

Tuesday: discussion on hypochlorinator, being explained on the process, installation and maintenance of the machine. Office work at the evening.

Wednesday: detail drawing checkup and calculation checkup

Thursday: went to KL, Menara Perak to hand over file to customer. Go to Bank for account checkup, and updates sales.

Friday: filing for a progress report on one of the current project and office work in the evening

8th week

Monday: given a job to file tender for submission, and given a task to find some information on particular product that the company wants to buy. Go on site visit in PJ

Tuesday: Went to Melaka for site visit. Attended the meeting to discuss on what the requirement that need to be done and taking measurements.

Wednesday: Filing and office work.

Thursday: Filing and photostatting all documents for proposal that need to submitted to client

Friday: Holiday

Sunday, May 23, 2010

7th week

Monday, help the sales engineer to file tender. Help to do filing, editing and etc.

Tuesday, More filing stuff

Wednesday, packed the file into a box and wrapped it up in order to sent it to the client com via Poslaju.

Thursday, help with another tender filing.

Friday, do some office job, and start to learn on how to draw 3D model in Autocad